YES! – Youth Equipped to Succeed

YES! Youth Equipped to Succeed!

YES! We want, need, and certainly appreciate your support

Monies raised by the Foundation directly benefit the students of the Mediapolis Community School District. Since 1986 the Foundation has funded a number of small and large projects that allow our teachers to provide additional educational experiences for students of all ages. Interested teachers may complete/submit an application or request for funds to the MEF Board.

We are pleased to share many of the projects MEF supporters have made possible through their donations. Thank you! We look forward to partnering with you now and in the future as we continue to enrich and strengthen the quality of education and promote academic excellence in the Mediapolis Community School District:


2017 – 2020


2013 – 2016


2010 – 2012


2000 – 2009


1986 – 1999

Miscellaneous Mini Grants, including but not limited to: